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Easy Summer Hacks to Enjoy Summer Outdoors!

Frozen Treats

Ice-pops are a must to enjoy summer! You can make last minute frozen treats like different colored popsicles and pour them in small cuts. Just poke a wooden stick through and the cup and freeze them. You can also freeze yoghurt in cups and put a stick through them. Easy and simple!


Bug Repellant

Summer means more mosquitoes and they really are capable of ruining fun. Try adding a bundle of sageto your nextcampfire or backyard fire pit. The herb-scented smoke keeps bugs at bay.


Travel Lotion

Its tiring carrying a huge bag to the beach and to find your sunscreen lotion tube all leaked inside it. Not only is it heavy but also very inconvenient. To ease this, you may put a days worth of sunscreen in your contact lens case. This wont only make it easy to transport but will also help keep it clean.


Aloe Vera Ice Cubes

Summer means a nice day at the beach chilling under the sun. But too much exposure to sun can lead to nasty sunburn. Rubbing a frozen aloe vera ice cube can help get you relief by cooling and healing your skin at the same time!


Un-Messy Popsicles

The mess popsicles can cause when they melt is just annoying. This summer hack is particularly good for your toddlers. To avoid your toddler from dirtying his/her clothes and wherever they go with the Popsicle, you can use a cupcake wrapper. Just cut a slit in the bottom of the cupcake holder and slit the Popsicle through it.


Safe Sparklers

To protect little ones’ hands,use a disposable cup as a shieldfor holding sparklers. Finally, no more burns on fingers or clothes! Just make a hole at the bottom of the cup and fit the bottom of the sparkler through the hole and onto your childs tiny fingers. Voila!


Bedtime Stories

Take a few bedtime stories with you so that your kids can sleep without any fuss at night!


Freeze Water Bottles

Cold water bottles are utterly important to survive through the hot summer days by keeping ones self hydrated. Usually when you fill the bottles to the top and freeze them, they turn into hard ice. The best way is to fill half the bottle and then deposit it in the freezer and whenever you want to drink water just fill it in the bottle. This will keep the water colder for longer!



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