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5 Most Humorous Nursery Rhymes and Poems

The best way to ensure that children internalize what is taught is to use fun learning websites. These fun learning websites dont let a child feel burdened when learning and a child actively starts to internalize whatever I being taught. Children enjoy a good rhyme. It makes them feel happy and changes their mood too. Rhymes are particularly a wonderful method to make children familiar with words! Here are 5 informative, yet humorous nursery rhymes.

1) Jack and Jill

This poem is about two children, Jack and Jill, who go up a hill, to fetch a bucket of water. The go up but fall down and tumble down the hill. Jack falls first and Jill falls after him! Kids find the concept of falling, tumbling and clumsy people very funny!


2) Incy Wincy

Incy Wincy is the name of a spider. The name itself is funny for beginners. The poem is about a small spider who is trying to climb up a sprout. As the spider begins his tedious journey, he is hindered by rain. The rain drags him back down. Then the sun comes out and its heat dries the rain. The spider then begins climbing up the sprout and this time succeeds. This poem not only teaches a child that they shouldnt give up but also the fact that hard work and determination are rewarded by success. The poem is humorous because the notion of anything falling or sliding down makes children giggle.


3) Bonny Bobby

This poem is about a girl waiting for the love of her live Bobby Shafto, he has gone to sea, dressed with silver buckles. The girl wants him to come back so they can get married.


4) Uncle Wiggly and the Mud Pie

The tone, the words, the animals; everything about the poem is funny and fun filled. Be it the rabbit traveller of the concept of the alligator trying to eat them. Its fun and humorous!


5) Bless my Underwear

The concept is very funny for children, since its about underwears. Its about the process ones underpants go through. It teaches children about chores. The writer says that he only has one pair and if he loses them he will be bare! The rhyme and rhythm make it very funny.

Children poems are an important part of the primary socialization process. They teach a child how to distinguish between good and bad, how things function, different words and patterns of behavior. The rhymes and funny and will lighten the mood of children too!


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